11/15  (日)  17:30  信義12廳 ★
11/17  (二)  13:00  信義12廳 ★
導演 : 杜海濱(Du Haibin)
國別 : 中
年份 : 2009
片長 : 118min
規格 : DigiBeta
得獎紀錄 : 2009威尼斯影展觀點紀錄片獎


The "Great Sichuan Earthquake" took place at 14:28 on May 12, 2008. 10 days after, scenes are not seen on official and "survival" is the keyword. Ordinary people are salvaging destroyed pig farms, recuperating cents-worth scrapped metals, or pillaging victims' homes. Behind the official visits, inconsolable grief of families searching for loved ones. In 200 days, what will we see?


2009 台北金馬影展 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

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